Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Marni for H&M

H&M have been spot on with their guest-designer collaborations in the past- from last year's Versace collection to Viktor & Rolf back in '06; this partnership with Marni is no exception. 

Marni is known for its streamlined bohemian aesthetic, which is demonstrated with incredible precision in this collection. I first browsed the pieces on H&M's site and was so impressed that I felt I should take a look at what they produce for their main collection over on Net-a-Porter. The attention to detail rings true, so much so that if I had to guess between high-street collection and high-end collection, it'd be a tough call to make. These are my stand-out pieces:

Cotton dress, £69.99 (I love how the contrasting prints give a 'shadow' effect)

Flower necklaces, £24.99/£29.99

Leather/wood heels, £69.99
Blazer £69.99 / Skirt £39.99
Marni for H&M, arrives 8 March 2012 

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